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Preparing for Re-Creation

We last wrote to each other in July 2020. The world shut down a few months before (March 2020) and, frankly, so did I. The Covid pause lasted longer than anyone (except the scientists) could have predicted. Denial went viral.

Was there really anything new for me to say? How would my blog Spiritualetters defuse the confusion, the angst, the disconnection from the reality of a pandemic?

So I stopped my blog in quiet withdrawal. I never said goodbye or hinted at closure. Re-entry after nearly three years was fantasy.

But, here I am again, beginning again because I want to reconnect with you, my friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. I have missed our dialogue.

I suggest you activate the words of Grace Paley if you are stuck or mildly doubtful about taking that first step towards re-creation, post Covid.

Hey you begin again? Again? Again Again. You’ll see it’s easy … begin again….

Please encourage your friends to subscribe. You will find me in your inbox twice a month on a Friday. Please email me back and let me know your thoughts. I will read every one of them. I promise.


Rabbi Tamara


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