Whom Shall I Fear?

Next to my bedroom window hangs an abridged framed version of Psalm 27. The Lord is my Light and my Salvation Whom Shall I Fear? Thou hast been my help; Cast me not off… Be Strong. Let thy heart take courage. Twenty five years ago I was ordained as a rabbi. My God- friend, Sister Gretchen, meticulously calligraphed in black ink this precious gift. When I wake up in the morning, I read this Psalm and I remember how we met. She and I were part of a six clergy cluster who came together for six months for a weekly Wednesday vision quest . Our goal was to hasten a home away from home for those who were living and dying with HIV-AIDS. Together, the nun, the rabbi, the minister, the priest, the dea

If you can't be there, feel there

My family has acquired the new Facebook Portal. As we get ready to do a virtual Passover Seder 2020, this new technology brings me closer to my loved ones. I can see them moving around in the kitchen cooking and eating as they discuss their daily activities. My grandchildren are growing up minute by minute on this YouTube fairyland channel. I can’t be there in person, but I can feel their presence. And being in their presence lifts me out of my anxiety and into the reality of loving what is and loving each of them more deeply. This Passover, Portal is our doorway to the world of the past. We look back at our history and try to re-experience the story of our Exodus from Egypt to the Promised

Let Us Pray

Yesterday, as I passed the spectacular St. Matthew’s Cathedral, the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Washington DC, I looked up to see a singular white paper posted evenly on every sculpted metal door. Knowing the church would be closed, I felt compelled to climb up the many stairs to get to the top to read the notice. Let us Pray The Cathedral is closed because of the coronavirus. Let us pray for everyone’s health and safety and the end to the spread of this virus. GOD BLESS YOU! The churches are closed. The synagogues are closed. The mosques are closed. Restaurants and bars are closed. Despite the shut downs, please remember to keep your heart open. We can still pray for

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