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The Eternity of Preparation

If you read the Torah literally, one would surmise that it took God seven days to create the entire world.

However, from a scientific point of view, the Earth formed and was largely completed between 10-20 million years.

Before the actual watershed moment of creation, God nearly had an eternity to prepare for the creation of the world

For us as human beings, our vision for a new project may take as little as a week to conceive, but the processing and the nurturing of bringing our dreams to full fruition, may in fact, take an eternity of preparation.

If we follow in God’s footsteps, time is on our side.

It is a studious and continuous preparation that builds the foundation for success. Sacred work is done between the margins of the infinite and the imperceptible.

Take your time. Revel in the baby steps of creation. Then, eternity will be yours.


Rabbi Tamara


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