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The Uber Hamsa

The blue Hamsa hung from his dashboard so I had to ask.

“Tell me about the Hamsa.”

“Oh” he said, “A very special woman gave it to me for protection.”

“What a coincidence, I just came back from Morocco and the Hamsas were everywhere.”

Then, as his comfort level increased, he unveiled the love story with his Moroccan bride, his wedding in Fez, his trip to Tangiers, and his love of God.

And the woman who set this whole thing in motion? An Uber passenger who is now his mother-in-law!

My Uber driver, Juan, is a Catholic from Mexico City. His wife and now step daughter are Muslim.

“All that matters is that we speak the same language of the heart.”

They have been waiting six months for her visa to process and they may need to wait another six months before he can bring his Moroccan queen and her princess daughter to America.

“I am not in a rush. She will come soon and I promised God that I would protect them and make them happy.”

He showed me his Morocco style wedding pictures and his dark haired beautiful bride, decorated in crown jewels wearing a full array of colorful dresses with Henna displayed on hands and feet.

“ Donya is my third wife,” he confessed. “We are connected in all ways. There will not be another. We have chosen each other. God has given me a woman to love who also loves me. I am a grateful man.”

My heart opened and a diamond tear dropped inside.

“You are truly a blessing for me today.” I sighed.

“ May God bless you as well.”


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